Country Clubs & Golf Courses

Our R15 portable emergency oxygen device is the perfect way to enhance your country club or golf course’s safety. With the R15 emergency oxygen device, you will always have an emergency oxygen system ready and available to all of your guests and employees. This R15 emergency oxygen device provides 15-minutes of continuous 100% oxygen during the critical moments before the EMS arrive. 

If someone is struggling to breathe or has collapsed due to an airway or cardiac emergency, we recommend you call 911 and then use the R15 Emergency Oxygen on the victim until EMS arrive.  These are some examples of the types of emergencies an R15™ should be used:

Allergic Reaction
Asthma Attack
Anxiety/Panic Attack
Over Exertion
Cardiac Arrest
Drug Overdose
Heart Attack
Drowning Victim
Shortness of Breath/Troubled Breathing
Fainting (from heat exhaustion or dehydration, etc.)
Carbon Monoxide or Food poisoning
Personal injury accident causing person to pass out
Blood Clots in lung
COPD Flair Up

Key Features of our portable emergency oxygen supply  

  • It’s safe to place anywhere: quick & easy access; no special fire-resistant cabinets required 

  • Simple 3 step activation  

  • No batteries nor electricity required 

  • No maintenance or inspections required 

Where to Place your R15

The R15 portable emergency oxygen unit for your club is safe to place anywhere.   Since the placement of the AED (automated external defibrillator) is a familiar emergency response location, it is both logical and convenient to place the R15 with the AED. To determine additional locations for the R15, an excellent model is in airports where their goal is to have access to AED’s and other safety equipment within 1 – 3 minutes.  Every second without oxygen can negatively affect someone’s survival. Ideal placement locations for the R15 in golf clubs include halfway houses on the course, locker rooms, near the restaurant or bar areas, pro shops, clubhouse lobbies and on the Marshall’s golf carts as well as the beverage carts.  Every second without oxygen can negatively affect survival: improve your emergency preparedness program by adding emergency oxygen with the R15.