How to Activate Our Oxygen Delivery Unit

While we always hope for the best, accidents and emergencies can happen at any moment—so it’s always best to be prepared. Even using the most simplistic medical equipment requires some prior knowledge. By familiarizing yourself with how to activate our oxygen delivery unit beforehand, you’ll be more likely to perform in accordance to our emergency oxygen activation guidelines. That’s why we placed the R15’s emergency oxygen activation guidelines directly on the device itself. We also created a comprehensive video so that you can see the device in action.

How to activate our oxygen delivery unit

  1. Lay the oxygen generator on the ground

  2. Remove the tape from the device

  3. Pull out the mask from the unit

  4. Rotate the handle to the  line and allow oxygen to start flowing

  5. Secure the mask on the person who needs it

When following our emergency oxygen activation guidelines exactly, our R15 device will provide emergency oxygen to the person in need. Just mere minutes without oxygen can result in potential brain damage, so we invented our R15 device to help reduce that risk and provide emergency oxygen during those critical minutes before the EMS/EMTs arrive on the scene.

Please contact us at Rapid Oxygen with any questions you have regarding our R15 oxygen delivery unit and how to best administer our emergency oxygen.