RAPID OXYGEN: R15 Emergency Oxygen Delivery System


RAPID OXYGEN: R15 Emergency Oxygen Delivery System


The R15 portable oxygen unit for sale features top-quality safety and eco-friendly components. Unlike other compressed oxygen systems, our portable emergency oxygen generator is completely safe to use in schools and airplanes. It doesn’t require any maintenance, batteries, or electricity to operate correctly in accordance to its emergency guidelines. You never know when someone is going to require oxygen, so it’s essential to have a portable emergency oxygen generator at your home and place of business.

If you have any questions about the R15 portable oxygen unit for sale, please contact our experts today. We’re happy to discuss the features our product offers and the overall importance of having one near you, your family, and colleagues.

$495 - FREE SHIPPING (Only In Continental US)

• Delivers 6 Liters of Oxygen per Minute
• Over 15 Minutes of Pure Oxygen Supply
• Includes Latex-Free Oxygen Mask and Connecting Tube
• Simple One Lever Operation
• Store and Operate Between 50° and 80° Fahrenheit
• 2-Year Shelf Life
• No Maintenance Required
• Dimensions: 8”x14”x16”
• Weight: Approx. 15 Lbs.

Monthly subscription available: $29/month for a 24-month commitment; Replacements will be provided at a discounted rate.

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