Remote Location/Factory Emergency Oxygen System

Our R15 emergency oxygen system for factories and remote locations is a workplace essential. With an air flow of 6 liters per minute for 15-minutes, our portable oxygen delivery devices can give EMS/EMTs more time to get to the person who requires medical attention.

Features of our R15 portable oxygen delivery devices

  • Cleared by the FDA

  • Safe to place anywhere

  • Operation directions are directly on the unit

  • Doesn’t require batteries or electricity

  • And so much more!

The New Normal

At Rapid Oxygen, we have made it our goal to make our R15 emergency oxygen system as common as fire extinguishers in factories and remote locations. We believe that educating factory owners and remote location operators on the importance of this revolutionary product is the key. This FDA-cleared non-explosive oxygen system comes with simplistic activation guidelines. We want to help elevate the safety of factories and remote locations everywhere.

People want to work for companies that care about their employees. You never know when one of your hard-working employees will need more oxygen. It could be a result of a medical condition or even something in the air that they are breathing. Whatever the reason is, we want you and your employees to be prepared to help them the best you can.

Where to Place the R15

At Rapid Oxygen, we recommend placing an R15 emergency oxygen system for factories and remote locations near your automated external defibrillators (AED) and any fire extinguishers. It will then be easier for everyone to find, including visitors. However, our R15 system is safe to place anywhere in your factory and remote location because it is non-explosive.

If you have questions regarding our portable oxygen delivery devices, please contact us today! If you’re ready to add our emergency oxygen system to your factory or remote location(s), go ahead and order your R15 now.