Safety & Environmental Benefits

Our R15 portable medical oxygen generator is safe and environmentally friendly. This continuous flowing oxygen system provides FDA-cleared air to anyone who needs it. Unlike most oxygen systems, our R15 portable medical oxygen generator is non-explosive, so it can be placed in schools, trains, and more. We recommend placing the R15 next to any automated external defibrillators (AED), so you can easily get to all of your emergency supplies at once.

  • Non-explosive, so it’s safe to be placed anywhere

  • FDA-Cleared and easy to purchase over the counter

  • Easy to operate in accordance to its guidelines

  • No maintenance, batteries, or electricity needed

The R15 is Revolutionary

Oxygen concentrators and liquid oxygen require batteries or electricity to work properly, which makes them more difficult to travel with and use at a moments notice. If your battery runs out, or there’s no outlet in sight, you’d be in an even more detrimental situation. You don’t have to sweat about either scenario with our R15. Its safety and eco-friendly benefits make the R15 a revolutionary product.

Top 5 locations currently utilizing our R15 oxygen system

  1. Factories/Remote Locations

  2. Country Clubs and Golf Courses

  3. Office Buildings

  4. Warehouses

  5. Hotels and Resorts

Our oxygen generator provides 15 minutes of oxygen flow at 6 liters per minute. This criterion qualifies our R15 as an official emergency oxygen source. Our team is working exceptionally hard to make our R15 portable medical oxygen generator as common as a fire extinguisher.

The guidelines on how to operate it are clearly displayed on the generate itself, but we also provide detailed instructions online. Our team is also available to answer any questions regarding our R15 continuous flowing oxygen system.