Portable Oxygen Units for Offices

Regardless of your office’s location, it can take some time for EMS/EMT to reach the person who needs medical attention. You’ll want to be as prepared as possible to deal with any medical situation where an employee or visitor isn’t receiving proper oxygen. Our R15 non-pressurized chemical oxygen generator can provide a victim with a continuous flow of 100% oxygen for 15 minutes during the critical moments before the EMS/EMT arrive.

Features of our R15 non-pressurized chemical oxygen generator

  • Safe to place in any location

  • Cleared by the FDA

  • Guidelines are easy to understand and placed on generator

  • No batteries or electricity required

  • No training needed

  • Maintenance Free

  • And more!

  • Overall Office Safety

We hope that no one in your office needs emergency oxygen; however, it’s important to be prepared just in case such a situation arises. With our generator at your disposal, you’re able to immediately provide oxygen to someone that needs it. It also tells all of your employees that you care about their safety and medical needs—which isn’t always true at every company.

Where to put the R15

You’ll find that our portable oxygen unit for your office buildings is safe to place anywhere. Our R15 experts, however, do recommend placing them near your automated external defibrillators (AED) and fire extinguishers. You’ll have all of your emergency equipment in one place, making it easy to grab everything you need in one trip.  

Please contact us for more information regarding our R15 portable oxygen unit for your office. The R15 is helping to make workplaces across the world safer.