Country Club & Golf Course - Portable Emergency Oxygen Supply

Country clubs and golf courses are meant to be luxurious, relaxing, and safe. Our portable emergency oxygen supply is the perfect way to enhance your country club or golf course’s safety. With the R15, you will always be an oxygen system ready and available to all your guests and employees. This emergency oxygen generator can give someone 15-minutes of continuous 100% oxygen during the critical moments before the EMS arrive.

Key Features of our portable emergency oxygen supply

  • It’s safe to place anywhere

  • Easy activation guidelines to follow

  • Cordless operation

  • No batteries, electricity, or maintenance required

  • And so much more!

Guest Satisfaction & Overall Safety

Bring a sense of calmness and gratitude to your guests by letting them know about your exceptional safety precautions. If someone were to suddenly need oxygen, your employees will be fully prepared with the R15. It’s also a great way to promote your club by discussing the revolutionary R15 device on your website or in your marketing efforts. Having the R15 on site, confirms your club’s commitment to making emergency preparedness a priority. Your employees should point out the R15 emergency oxygen device to guests, so they are aware of its purpose and location.

Where to Place your R15

At Rapid Oxygen, we encourage you to place your R15 emergency oxygen generator near all of your automated external defibrillators (AED) and fire extinguishers. This will make it easier to reach all of your emergency equipment at once in any given situation. Every second without oxygen can negatively affect someone’s brain. Therefore, it is important to educate employees, members and guests on the locations you place the R15 devices across your club for use in emergencies.

Contact our knowledgable and friendly team to learn more about how our R15 portable emergency oxygen supply and how it can benefit your country club or golf course. You can also order your R15 today.