Non-Pressurized Oxygen System for Hotels and Resorts

Our R15 non-pressurized oxygen system is ideal for any hotel or resort. This FDA-cleared system provides 15 full-minutes of continuous oxygen flow to anyone who needs it on a moments notice. Our non-pressurized oxygen system is extremely easy to operate and has a two-year shelf life.

Noteworthy features of our emergency chemical oxygen system for hotels and resorts:

  • Safe to place anywhere (e.g., individual rooms, lobbies, bathrooms, etc.)

  • Cleared by the FDA

  • No need for batteries or electricity

  • And more!

Safety Precaution & Public Acknowledgement 

When you own a hotel or resort, you rely on reviews from guests to continue to bring in business. With social media being so prevalent, you’ll want all the news circulating to be positive. This safety precaution is also something you can advertise on your website and brochures.

If a scenario occurs where a guest needs emergency oxygen, you’ll want to be that hotel or resort that has it ready for them. An emergency chemical oxygen system for hotel and resort can help create a positive reputation for your company. Most importantly, you’ll have had the means to help someone until the EMS/EMTs arrive on scene.

Where to place it

The R15 non-pressurized oxygen system is extremely safe to place anywhere in your hotel or resort, but we recommend placing one next to your automated external defibrillator (AED) and all of your fire extinguishers. The reason we recommend placing them near these other emergency devices is so you’ll be able to easily grab everything at once if need be.

All questions regarding the R15 should be directed toward our knowledgable and friendly team. Order your R15 emergency chemical oxygen systemfor hotels and resorts today.