Tankless Portable Oxygen for Manufacturing/Warehousing Facilities

Our R15 portable oxygen air delivery system for manufacturing/warehousing facilities is revolutionary. This non-explosive tankless portable oxygen will provide up to 15 minutes of continuous oxygen flow at a rate of 6 liters per minute. In an event where someone needs emergency oxygen, you’ll have the generator readily available to you and your team.

Standout features of our R15 tankless portable oxygen generator

  • Safe to store anywhere

  • Self-contained and creates 100% humidified oxygen

  • Cleared by the FDA

  • Directions on listed on the generator itself

  • No maintenance required

  • And more!

  • A Precautionary Safety Measure

Even a few minutes without oxygen can result in possible brain damage. When you utilize our R15 portable oxygen air delivery system in your warehouses, you’re giving victims a fighting chance and EMS/EMTs more time to arrive on scene.

Our Goal is to make our R15 oxygen generator as available as fire extinguishers. We believe that our oxygen system is essential for warehouses to have. By placing this generator throughout your warehouse, you’re showing your employees that you care about their medical needs.

Location of R15

Our experts recommend placing your R15s near your automated external defibrillators (AED) and fire extinguishers; however, they are safe to place anywhere in your facility. Placing your R15 near your other emergency equipment will give you and your team a quick way to reach it and always know its location.

Contact us with any questions you have, or order your R15 tankless portable oxygen today! We want to help you improve workplace safety for all of your warehouse employees.